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Our services:

Routine neonatal examination

This examination is typically performed within the first week of life. Following delivery, we test the baby’s body functions and state of health, and we measure body weight, size and head circumference.


Mother and child examinations (Mutter-Kind-Pass)

These examinations – which include a state-of-health and development assessment, a hip ultrasound scan, as well as ENT and eye examinations – are essential for the early detection of health or developmental problems and offer the best chance to ensure improvement and recovery.


Vaccinations and vaccination consultation

Many infectious diseases can be prevented by immunisation. This is why vaccines are among the most important and most effective preventative measures. Some infectious diseases have become almost unheard of thanks to the widespread implementation of immunisation programmes.
We are happy to answer your questions about immunisation during your visit.


Laboratory diagnostics

We are committed to providing top-quality laboratory analyses and cooperating with excellent medical doctors to ensure patient satisfaction.


Advice and consultation for parents (newborn infants to adolescents up to the age of 18)

As your child grows up and enters new stages of life, you as a parent are constantly faced with new challenges. Above all, this includes looking after and supporting your child’s physical and developmental health.
We are committed to supporting you in this process.


Preventative health care

Health awareness and a healthy lifestyle are key to healthy living. Regular health check-ups, vaccines, nutritional counselling, and monitoring growth and development are important components of healthy living.
We support you in adopting healthy habits and lifestyles.


Medical examination for sports and school

Regular check-ups keep you informed about your child’s health and provide reassurance when your child is playing sports. Some sports clubs require their members to take medical tests (resting ECG, lung function, urine, urine sugar, hemogram, blood pressure and general health and fitness).
We are happy to provide advice.